Photography Seminars – Greystones Camera Club Workshop

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Photography Seminars – Greystones Camera Club Workshop

Greystones Camera Club – Off Camera Flash Photography Seminar

As a member of the Greystones camera club, I get asked sometimes to demonstrate techniques and share knowledge with the members. Giving back is something I really enjoy and what better way than to share the knowledge I have about a certain subject.

Photography Training by Rodrigo Cunha


After our Available Light Photography Seminar earlier this year, a couple of weeks ago we organised a off camera flash night where members got to try their hands at using power packs and mixing ambient light with strobes to achieve images that otherwise they wouldn’t be able.

We’ve got two models on the day, Raminta Grasyte (which you’ll see featured on this website) and Ksenia Step which featured on our how much Photoshop goes into my photographs post. The two tutor photographers on the day were myself and David Stanway.

We started by dividing the groups into two one group stayed with me and one model and another with David.

The first step of the workshop was to establish the light sources and measure them to achieve the ratio we wanted for the first look. I’ve demonstrated the use of a light meter with my simple to use Polaris Incident Light Meter. First I measured the ambient light hitting on the model. This was done by measuring the light level incident on the face of the model, the second step was to introduce the strobe. The strobe would be our key light and we’d use the ambient light as a fill so we calculated the ratio from key light to fill light to be 1 stop darker.

Photography Training Seminars

I’ve even demonstrated what not to do while taking a reading Raminta moved her face and I almost punched her with the light meter. It was all in good spirit and we all had a laugh.

Each of the members took turns at testing the system and this lighting setup and Raminta was incredibly accommodating changing the poses and allowing each member to achieve different looks on the same location and bring home a different image to fellow club members.

When working with such large groups such as in group workshops,the job of a model can be quite hard. He/She will have to endure the direction of a large number of photographers, each with their own view and method which can be quite stressful at times however Raminta and every photographer were brilliant and very respectful of the model if anything Raminta might have been having too much fun with light assistant on the day and fellow club member Kaman Lo (as seen in the picture below). 

Photography Workshops Rodrigo Cunha

After a small break we moved to a different location, with the ambient light levels falling sharply and fast we we decided to use the evening skies and the ambient light in a more dramatic way increasing the ratio to 2 stops between key light and fill light. This time I was working with Ksenita and David with Raminta. We’ve changed locations a little bit more this time and once again all the members were allowed to have an input on their own photographs. The challenge at this time was the constant change of ambient light levels which was great to demonstrate how we as photographers need to constantly adjust the camera settings based on the levels of available light.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both models and Agnieszka Malik and Kaman Lo which assisted me on the day and helped out with the behind the scenes photos for this blog.

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