Candid Portraits & Moments During Photoshoots

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Candid Portraits & Moments During Photoshoots

The 2014 World Cup is starting today is Brasil, and I decided to make a post featuring a beautiful Brazilian model living in Dublin. Her name is Karine Dalsin and she works with Fraser Model Agency.

Sometimes in between setups or during breaks on my studio portrait photo shoots moments happen where an expression or a look just captures my attention.

The photograph below is one of those moments.

Karine Dalsin Candid Portrait

This moment happened between poses, Karine and I were doing a studio shoot based on Yoga poses. Initially the shoot had been intended for outdoors however the weather was terrible and there was no way I could sand bag my Elinchrom Ranger with the winds on the day. In order for us not to lose everything we’ve brought it indoors to my home studio and we worked hard to get away with a few shots. During the shoot I’ve used a smoke machine and a black background to add some extra drama and atmosphere.

We did get a couple of nice shots from the photo shoot, however the candid moment above is definitely one of my favorites from the session. It is one of those moments where time stops and everything else around you ceases to exist. Pure concentration.

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