About Portrait Photographer Rodrigo Cunha

My name is Rodrigo (You can call me Rod) and I’m a portrait photographer based in Bray. Bray is a seaside resort village located just a few minutes south of Dublin City at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains and within easy access of both Dublin Bus and DART commuter rail.  I’m Portuguese from birth and Irish by choice, having lived in Ireland since 2004. I’m also father to the most amazing (and different) twin boys. I’m a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and a Nikon Professional User. I’ve been photographing for over 15 years, having started with film photography and then adopting digital photography as my main (not sole) medium.

Although I specialize in portrait photography, I’m a versatile photographer with skills in other areas like editorial or commercial photography.

I believe that the work of a photographer is to show his subject in the best possible light, this is even more important for a portrait photographer however, whether you specialize as a editorial photographer, a commercial photographer or a portrait photographer your focus should always be on showing those in front of your camera as best as possible. I believe that when you work as a portrait photographer you must get to know the people in front of your lens, you must connect with them and build rapport to get the best out of them, only when they are truly at ease with the photographer will they relax and give you their most natural expressions. Most people are inherently shy of being in front of a camera, it is a natural human reaction that you can only break by making them at ease and connecting on a personal level.

Your goal is to capture memories and the last thing you want is for your clients to remember how nervous they were during their photo shoot, this is why I focus on the people rather than the photos. The photos are about you and only if I know you, will I be able to deliver the memories you want and will cherish.

Portrait Photography Bray Studio

As a professional portrait photographer, my view is that your experience should be about you and not about the camera, so let’s get together and have some fun while I press my camera shutter and see what comes out of it!

I use Nikon Professional Cameras and Lenses to deliver the very best in image quality no matter where you use your images. Using a Nikon D800 with 36 Megapixels allows me to print large formats with great levels of detail.

I hope I can welcome you to my home studio in Bray or we can schedule a photo shoot at your office or home.

If you have any questions about what I do, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Headshot and Portrait photographer Rodrigo da Cunha


Nikon Professional Photographer